Certified AI Risk Manager (CARM™)

Length: 2 Days

The Certified AI Risk Manager (CARM™) certification is designed to prepare professionals for managing the unique risks presented by AI technologies. This program emphasizes the identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks in AI systems, along with strategic risk management planning in the context of AI.


  • To provide in-depth knowledge of the risk landscape in AI technologies and applications.
  • To equip professionals with the tools and methodologies for effective AI risk assessment and management.
  • To enhance decision-making skills related to AI risk, considering ethical, legal, and compliance factors.
  • To foster the development of strategic risk management plans that align with organizational goals and AI initiatives.

Target Audience:

  • Risk managers and analysts focusing on AI technologies.
  • IT and cybersecurity professionals dealing with AI systems.
  • AI project managers and consultants.
  • Executives and senior management involved in AI strategy and governance.

Certification Modules:

Module 1: Foundations of AI and Risk Management

  • Basics of AI technologies and their business implications.
  • Principles of risk management in the context of AI.

Module 2: AI Risk Identification and Assessment

  • Methods for identifying and assessing risks in AI projects and systems.
  • Tools and techniques for qualitative and quantitative AI risk analysis.

Module 3: AI Risk Mitigation and Control

  • Strategies and best practices for mitigating and controlling risks in AI applications.
  • Developing and implementing risk treatment plans for AI systems.

Module 4: Regulatory and Compliance Issues in AI

  • Understanding the legal, regulatory, and compliance aspects of AI risks.
  • Navigating global AI governance frameworks and standards.

Module 5: Ethical Considerations in AI Risk Management

  • Addressing ethical issues and societal impacts of AI deployments.
  • Integrating ethical considerations into AI risk management practices.

Module 6: AI Risk Communication and Reporting

  • Effective communication and reporting strategies for AI risks to stakeholders.
  • Developing AI risk reports and dashboards for decision-making.

Module 7: Case Studies and Practical Applications

  • Real-world case studies on managing risks in AI projects.
  • Practical exercises in AI risk assessment and management.

Module 8: Certification Exam Preparation

  • Review of AI risk management concepts and methodologies.
  • Mock exams and case study analyses to prepare for the certification test.

Exam Domains:

  • AI Technologies and Risk Landscape
  • AI Risk Identification and Evaluation
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies in AI
  • AI Governance and Compliance
  • Communication and Management of AI Risks
  • Systems
  • AI System Security and User Privacy