Certified AI Cyber Defense Incident Responder (CACDIR™)

Length: 2 Days

The Certified AI Cyber Defense Incident Responder (CACDIR™) certification aims to train professionals in identifying, responding to, and mitigating cybersecurity incidents in AI environments. This program focuses on the unique challenges of AI systems, including detection of AI-specific threats and execution of response strategies.


  • To develop expertise in incident response within AI-powered environments.
  • To enhance skills in detecting, analyzing, and mitigating AI-specific cybersecurity threats.
  • To promote understanding of the legal and ethical considerations in AI incident response.
  • To improve communication and coordination skills during AI-related cybersecurity incidents.

Target Audience:

  • Cybersecurity incident responders and analysts working with AI systems.
  • AI professionals interested in cybersecurity and incident response.
  • IT security managers and consultants focusing on AI cyber defense.
  • Professionals in cybersecurity roles looking to specialize in AI incident response.

Certification Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to AI in Cybersecurity Incident Response

  • Overview of AI technologies and their cybersecurity implications.
  • Common types of cyber threats targeting AI systems.

Module 2: Detection and Analysis of AI-specific Threats

  • Techniques for detecting cybersecurity threats in AI systems.
  • Tools and methodologies for analyzing AI-related incidents.

Module 3: Incident Response in AI Environments

  • Best practices for responding to cybersecurity incidents in AI systems.
  • Developing and implementing incident response plans for AI-related breaches.

Module 4: AI-Powered Threat Intelligence

  • Utilizing AI for threat intelligence gathering and analysis.
  • Enhancing cybersecurity measures with AI-driven insights.

Module 5: Legal and Ethical Considerations in AI Incident Response

  • Navigating legal frameworks and ethical dilemmas during AI incident handling.
  • Compliance with regulations in the context of AI cybersecurity incidents.

Module 6: Recovery and Post-Incident Analysis

  • Strategies for recovering from AI-related cybersecurity incidents.
  • Conducting post-incident analysis and lessons learned to improve AI security.

Module 7: Hands-on Simulations and Case Studies

  • Practical exercises in responding to simulated AI cybersecurity incidents.
  • Analysis of real-world case studies to identify best practices and common pitfalls.

Module 8: Certification Exam Preparation

  • Comprehensive review of AI incident response concepts and techniques.
  • Practice exams and scenario-based exercises to prepare for the certification test.

Exam Domains:

  • AI and Cyber Defense Mechanisms
  • Incident Detection and Analysis in AI Systems
  • AI-Powered Incident Response Strategies
  • Post-Incident Recovery and AI System Hardening
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects of AI Incident Response