Certified AI Security Communication Specialist (CACS™)

Length: 2 Days

The Certified AI Security Communication Specialist (CACS™) certification is designed for professionals who need to communicate complex AI security information clearly and effectively. This program covers the communication strategies, tools, and techniques necessary to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders in the realm of AI security.


  • To equip professionals with the skills to effectively communicate AI security risks, strategies, and policies.
  • To enhance understanding of AI security concepts and the ability to translate these into accessible language for diverse audiences.
  • To develop strategic communication plans that address AI security awareness, training, and incident reporting.
  • To foster skills in creating and delivering engaging presentations, reports, and training materials on AI security.

Target Audience:

  • AI security professionals responsible for communication within organizations.
  • Public relations and corporate communication specialists in tech companies.
  • IT and cybersecurity professionals looking to specialize in communication.
  • Risk managers and compliance officers who need to convey AI security information.

Certification Modules:

Module 1: AI Security Fundamentals for Communication

  • Overview of key AI security concepts and terminologies.
  • Understanding the AI security landscape and common threats.

Module 2: Communication Strategies in AI Security

  • Developing effective communication plans for AI security.
  • Tailoring AI security messages for different audiences (technical vs. non-technical).

Module 3: Writing and Reporting on AI Security

  • Techniques for writing clear, concise, and informative AI security reports and documents.
  • Best practices for creating security policies, guidelines, and documentation.

Module 4: Presentation Skills for AI Security

  • Designing and delivering impactful presentations on AI security topics.
  • Using visual aids and storytelling to convey complex AI security information.

Module 5: Training and Awareness Programs in AI Security

  • Developing and implementing AI security training and awareness programs.
  • Engaging different audiences and fostering a culture of security.

Module 6: Crisis Communication in AI Security Incidents

  • Strategies for effective communication during AI security crises.
  • Managing public relations and media interactions post-security incident.

Module 7: Ethical and Legal Considerations in Communication

  • Navigating ethical and legal constraints in AI security communication.
  • Ensuring compliance and privacy in public communications.

Module 8: Certification Exam Preparation

  • Reviewing key concepts in AI security communication.
  • Practicing communication skills through mock presentations and writing exercises.

Exam Domains:

  • AI Security Fundamentals for Communicators
  • Developing AI Security Communication Plans
  • AI Security Reporting and Documentation
  • Crisis Communication in AI Security Incidents
  • Ethical Considerations in AI Security Communication