Certified AI Cyber Defense Analyst (CACDA™)

Length: 2 Days

The Certified AI Cyber Defense Analyst (CACDA™) certification prepares individuals to effectively utilize AI technologies in cyber defense strategies. It focuses on the application of AI in detecting, analyzing, and responding to cyber threats, and on managing and improving cyber defense mechanisms.


  • To understand the role of AI in enhancing cyber defense capabilities.
  • To gain skills in using AI tools and techniques for threat detection and response.
  • To develop proficiency in analyzing and mitigating cyber threats using AI-powered solutions.
  • To enhance strategic thinking in integrating AI into cyber defense planning and operations.

Target Audience:

  • Cybersecurity professionals looking to specialize in AI-driven cyber defense.
  • IT security analysts and network administrators interested in AI applications in cybersecurity.
  • Professionals in threat intelligence and incident response roles.
  • Security operation center (SOC) personnel seeking to leverage AI in their workflows.

Certification Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to AI in Cyber Defense

  • Fundamentals of AI and machine learning in cybersecurity.
  • Overview of AI’s impact on threat detection, analysis, and response.

Module 2: AI-Driven Threat Intelligence

  • Utilizing AI to gather, analyze, and interpret threat intelligence.
  • Techniques for proactive threat hunting and anomaly detection using AI.

Module 3: AI in Network and Endpoint Security

  • Implementing AI-driven solutions for network and endpoint security.
  • Strategies for automating response and mitigation actions with AI technologies.

Module 4: Incident Response and AI

  • Integrating AI tools in incident response workflows.
  • Enhancing incident analysis and decision-making through AI.

Module 5: AI in Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • Role of AI in SOC operations and threat management.
  • Leveraging AI for improved situational awareness and response efficiency.

Module 6: Ethical and Legal Considerations of AI in Cyber Defense

  • Addressing ethical concerns and legal issues related to the use of AI in cybersecurity.
  • Ensuring privacy and compliance in AI-driven security operations.

Module 7: Case Studies and Practical Applications

  • Real-world examples of AI applications in cyber defense.
  • Hands-on exercises and simulations to apply AI in various cybersecurity scenarios.

Module 8: Certification Exam Preparation

  • Comprehensive review of AI applications in cyber defense.
  • Practice tests and scenario-based exercises to prepare for the certification exam.

Exam Domains:

  • AI in Cyber Defense
  • AI-Driven Threat Intelligence and Analysis
  • AI Technologies in Network and Endpoint Security
  • Response and Mitigation Techniques using AI
  • AI Integration in Security Operations