Configuration Management (CM) , Learn the best practices, management and configuration purposes

Configuration Management (CM), Learn the best practices, management and configuration purposes.

The major parts are: Consistency, System’s attributes, Technical baseline. Configuration Management (CM) is the application and best program practices to establish and maintain Consistency of a product’s, System’s or system of systems (SoS)’s attributes Evolving technical baseline over its life.

Improper configuration management could result in incorrect, ineffective, and/or unsafe products being released. Configuration management is a management discipline what provides visibility into and to control changes over the product’s life cycle.

Configuration Management Best Practices

Why use Configuration Management (CM)? Because, Configuration Management (CM) reduces technical risks and ensures Quality. Technical risks can be reduced by ensuring correct product configurations, distinguishes among product versions, ensures consistency between the product and information about the product, and avoids the embarrassment cost of stakeholder dissatisfaction and complaint.

  • Principles of Configuration Management (CM)
  • DoD Configuration Management Process Model Overview
  • Configuration Management Best Practices
  • Configuration Life Cycle Management and Planning
  • Government Management and Planning Activities
  • Identifying configuration & control
  • Accounting/Configuration Status
  • Configuration Verification and Audit
  • Data Management

Tonex training present’s configuration management training workshop

Managing Configuration & Navy Data Environment (NDE) Projects.
Learn managing equipment, systems, ships, submarines, carriers, and shore activities.

Course link: Tonex configuration management training


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