Strategic AI Sourcing Certification (SASC)

Length: 2 Days

The Strategic AI Sourcing Certification (SASC) course equips professionals with advanced skills in AI procurement strategies and market analysis. Developed by Tonex, this certification program offers comprehensive training to excel in sourcing AI technologies effectively.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of AI procurement.
  • Master strategic sourcing techniques tailored for AI.
  • Analyze AI market trends and opportunities.
  • Implement effective negotiation strategies in AI sourcing.
  • Evaluate AI vendors and solutions efficiently.
  • Develop actionable plans for integrating AI into business operations.

Audience: Professionals seeking expertise in AI procurement and strategic sourcing, including procurement managers, supply chain professionals, project managers, and business analysts.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to AI Procurement

  • Fundamentals of AI sourcing
  • Importance of strategic AI procurement
  • Role of AI in modern business operations
  • Key challenges in AI procurement
  • Regulatory considerations in AI sourcing
  • Case studies on successful AI procurement projects

Module 2: Strategic Sourcing Techniques for AI

  • Identification of AI sourcing requirements
  • Understanding organizational AI needs
  • Market research methodologies for AI solutions
  • Supplier selection criteria for AI solutions
  • Risk assessment in AI sourcing
  • Cost-benefit analysis of AI procurement options

Module 3: AI Market Analysis

  • Analysis of current AI market trends
  • Emerging technologies in AI
  • Identification of key AI vendors and offerings
  • Benchmarking AI solutions
  • Evaluating industry-specific AI applications
  • Forecasting future AI market developments

Module 4: Negotiation Strategies in AI Sourcing

  • Techniques for negotiating AI contracts
  • Establishing negotiation objectives
  • Building leverage in AI procurement negotiations
  • Handling vendor negotiations effectively
  • Mitigating risks through negotiation tactics
  • Resolving disputes in AI procurement contracts

Module 5: Vendor Evaluation for AI Solutions

  • Evaluation criteria for AI vendors
  • Assessing vendor capabilities in AI development
  • Technical evaluation of AI solutions
  • Evaluating vendor reliability and support
  • Considerations for scalability and integration
  • Conducting due diligence on AI vendors

Module 6: Integration of AI into Business Operations

  • Developing implementation plans for AI solutions
  • Identifying AI integration opportunities
  • Creating change management strategies for AI adoption
  • Training staff for AI implementation
  • Monitoring and optimizing AI performance
  • Continuous improvement in AI-enabled processes


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