What we do

Neural Learning Lab NLL is the intersection of neural learning, AI, and cybersecurity.

  • AI Defense and Response Strategist™ (ADRS)
  • AI Security Leadership™ (AISL)
  • Certified AI Ethics and Governance Professional™ (CAEGP)
  • Certified AI Ethics Officer™ (CAIEO)
  • Certified AI Penetration Tester – Blue Team™ (CAIPT-BT)
  • Certified AI Penetration Tester – Red Team™ (CAIPT-RT)
  • Certified AI Practitioner™ (CAIP)
  • Certified AI Project Manager™ (CAIPM)
  • Certified AI Reliability Engineer™ (CARE)
  • Certified AI Safety Officer™ (CASO)
  • Certified AI Security Fundamentals™ (CAISF)
  • Certified Ethical AI Hacker™ (CEAIH)
  • Certified Machine Learning Engineer™ (CMLE)
  • Certified Neural Network Specialist™ (CNNS)
  • Master of AI Security™ (MAIS)

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